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Technology Solutions & Services

Technology Solutions & Services

 Cyber security | Broadband infrastructure | Project management

We Get Results.

Celebrating Fifteen Years in Business

Experience counts. Dellicker Strategies has been helping clients use technology to improve performance since 2005. In fifteen short years, our company has overseen groundbreaking work in cyber security,  launched infrastructure upgrades worth $210 million and managed more than 600 enterprise projects.  Meanwhile, our solutions and services have saved our clients $292 million and counting.  What can we do next for you?


Convenience & Consistency

Dellicker is pre-approved to deliver technology solutions and services through the NJ State Approved Co-op #65MCESCCPS. Schools and municipalities across the mid-Atlantic can have peace-of-mind knowing that Dellicker was selected through a rigorous competitive procurement conducted by ESCNJ, the region's most trusted authority in cooperative purchasing. Co-op members receive discounts of at least 10 percent on Dellicker’s most popular services. 

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Leadership & Integrity

Dellicker Strategies is owned and operated by Kevin Dellicker, a military veteran with twenty-four years of service. He has deployed four times to fight America's wars, all as a part time National Guardsman. To learn more about what it's like to raise a family and grow a business through eighteen years of part-time warfare, read Kevin's new book, co-authored with his wife Susan. It's called Twenty Percent Soldiers, available in May on Amazon. 

Cyber Criminal

It's time to get your cyber security under control

For years, schools and municipalities have been portrayed as helpless victims of sophisticated cyber criminals. No more. The frequency and magnitude of attacks has reached epidemic proportions, and public entities have more tools than ever to combat cyber crime. It's time to take action and defend your networks. Our students and citizens deserve better. 

5G Readiness

Are you ready for 5G?

5G promises faster speeds and better access for millions of Americans. Upgrades are underway in select cities across the U.S. and will arrive in parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey later this year. But what about those communities not on the schedule? And if we can’t protect our networks now, how will we protect them when 5G makes them even more vulnerable?