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East Bay Schools

January 7, 2020:

A ransomware attack disabled Internet and email services to the school after teachers and students returned from winter break. The district worked with two Internet technology companies and several attorneys to get back on track. This is the second attack on a Contra Costa County system in the last week- the library also suffered a similar attack. 


Hackensack Meridian

January 3, 2020:

The Hackensack Meridian Hospital System was hit with a ransomware attack which disrupted its computer network. Hospital officials had to reschedule non-emergency procedures and notified the FBI of the attack. The hospital paid an undisclosed amount of ransom to the attackers to regain access to their files.


East Greenwich Town Government

December 8, 2019:

A cyber attack in East Greenwich knocked out some of the town's computer network with ransomware. The town had to sever its Internet connection until it could figure out how to fix the problem and get back online.



Regional Cybersecurity Incidents & Data Breaches (Mostly New Jersey & Pennsylvania)


Livingston School District

November 25, 2019:

Livingston School District faced a ransomware attack which affected 6,000 students and nine schools, causing a delayed opening. Data was not stolen or lost but certain information was inaccessible. Administrators were able to recover some of their systems but were still not able to access them all. 


Union County

November 14, 2019:

An attack in Union County was noticed around 6 a.m., targeting employees’ emails, which were restored two days later. The attack started on Saturday but went unnoticed until Tuesday due to a holiday break. It is unclear how email services were restored or if a ransom was paid.


Morris County Municipal

November 14, 2019:

Morris County municipal computers were hit with ransomware called “Ryuk." No data or information was altered or destroyed from any of the servers. Consultants were able to remove the virus without having to pay a ransom. The hack affected the system network for municipal computers.


Watertown School District

November 6, 2019:

Watertown School District in Connecticut is dealing with a ransomware attack that was discovered on the 31st of October. Officials found the hack quickly and it does not seem there was any breach of confidential information.


Sag Harbor School District

November 5, 2019:

The small Sag Harbor School District had its server and computer systems disabled due to a cyber hack. Administrators are working to see if any data was compromised. This isn't the first time this year a Long Island school district has been hit with a cyber attack. Rockville Center District had to pay $90,000 for stolen data. 


Cherry Hill School District

October 7, 2019:

Cherry Hill school district was hit by a ransomware attack which is suspected to be the work of “Ryuk,” which is associated with a criminal organization that demands ransomware payments to unlock affected computer systems. Emails could not be sent or received during this period. It lasted more than a week.


Sherman School in Fairfield County

September 4, 2019:

Sherman School in Fairfield County discovered ransomware on the school's computer system on August 16th. State officials investigated the cyber attack as numerous other schools in Middletown, Wallingford, New Haven, Pomfret, and Wolcott were victims of a ransomware attack. 


Orange County

September 4, 2019:

A school in Orange County, New York was set to have its first day of school on September 4th, however, a cybersecurity threat has pushed back that starting date to at least the next day. The district said that it wants to make sure that the first day will go smoothly and believes that this extra day will allow for that to happen. 


Long Island

August 26, 2019: 

A Long Island School District, Rockville Centre, was forced to pay almost $100,000 due to a ransomware attack. The attack affected data and that encrypted files across their servers, interfering with work.


Mineola School District

August 23, 2019:

Mineola School District in Nassau County was struck with a “Ryuk” virus attack which is designed to encrypt all files and backup files to secure the need to pay the ransom. Luckily for the school district, the backups were able to be restored because the backup was offline as servers were being worked on. 


Fort Lauderdale FL

June 19, 2019:

Fort Lauderdale, FL agreed to pay a $600,000 ransom in order to recover its computer system and encrypted records. The perpetrators took over the city’s system after an employee clicked on a link that installed malware on a computer. 


Ferris High School

Jun 14, 2019: 

A Jersey City High School student was able to change attendance records. This was an internal hack at Ferris High School. 


Monroe College

June 10, 2019:

Monroe College, based in Bronx, New York, was hit by a ransomware attack with hackers demanding $2 million in Bitcoin to release encrypted data. Campuses in New York and Florida were impacted. 


Broome County

May 31, 2019:

Broome County government systems fell victim to what is suspected to be a phishing attack in which the personal information of county employees was likely breached. The attack was discovered when county officials realized that employees’ direct deposit information had been changed. 


Township of Roxbury

May 7, 2019:

The Township of Roxbury was hit by a virus that impacted most computers. It seems that everything was able to be restored from backups and was working the next day. Accessing the computers was done over the weekend so the attack was not caught until Monday.

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Secaucus High school

April 2, 2019:

Two 14-year-old 9th graders were arrested for disabling their high school’s Wi-Fi system, making it impossible to give tests or assign work that required the Internet. 


Lynn Public Schools

March 21, 2019:

A widespread computer virus shut down the Internet in Lynn Public Schools. They had to completely shut off the network leaving teachers with no access to lesson plans or materials that were online. The I.T. department was working very hard to try and come up with a resolution.


Palisades Park

January 30, 2019:

Palisades Park lost nearly $500,000 in fraudulent bank transfers from Mariners Bank after a breach in its accounts. 


Bridgeport Public Schools District

January 7, 2019: 

Bridgeport Public Schools District in Fairfield County was hit with a computer network attack by an outside entity that intended to hold district data hostage in exchange for a ransom. Teachers from the district reported some of their information that was not stored in the cloud was compromised. 


Galloway Township

November 1, 2018:

Galloway Township NJ schools were affected by a cybersecurity breach. Over 800 school district employees were affected. Login information was compromised and there were two fraudulent wire transfers of $200,000 each. 


New York School Districts

October 4, 2018:

A US Senator requested federal aid after school networks were targeted. Repeated DDoS attacks directed at the Central New York Regional Information Center disrupted Internet connectivity, causing huge problems and disruptions to teaching and learning for dozens of school districts across central New York. 


Middletown School District

June 29, 2018:

In Middletown School District in Middlesex County, a ransomware virus locked staff out of the computer systems. The school district refused to pay the ransom. The district is now working on determining how the malware was installed.


University at Buffalo

May 19, 2018:

Thousands of University at Buffalo accounts were hacked with 28 of those accounts being faculty and staff accounts that could access and change information. It is believed that the credentials to these accounts were stolen when the user was tricked into entering them into a malicious website.


Irvington School District

April 18, 2018:

Irvington School District was hit with a breach of security with the partial social security numbers of more than 1,200 current and former teachers being compromised. 


Massachusetts School District

April 14, 2018:

Affected by ransomware and unable to restore its own technology systems after several weeks had passed, a Massachusetts school district took the advice of local law enforcement and paid extortionists in an effort to regain access to email services, school lunch payment services, and the districts own website.


Syracuse School District

April 13, 2018:

A cyber attack targeted a school district in Syracuse, OCM BOCES district, disrupting 25,000 students taking an ELA assessment. The attack shut down the network and forced a reschedule of the tests. No data was stolen, but the attack did create a large amount of cleanup for technicians who are working to restore and stabilize the connection for the rescheduled testing 


Buffalo Public Schools

March 24, 2018:

A Denial of Service attack hit Buffalo Public Schools network. The attack caused problems for the district for about a day. It is believed the hackers are from overseas. 


Portland in Middlesex County

March 15, 2018:

The town of Portland in Middlesex County was targeted for the second time in two weeks by a ransomware attack. The IT department, local support company, and forensic engineer worked to mitigate the problem. There were minimal disruptions thanks to swift action. The police department was notified of this cybercrime.


Texas School District

March 1, 2018: 

A targeted phishing attack led to identity theft and tax fraud. A scammer pretending to be the superintendent was able to get copies of W-2 tax forms for all district employees. 


Pennsylvania Department of Education

February 22, 2018:

Human error put the information of every teacher at risk when the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Teacher Information Management System (TIMS), which holds the personal information of 330,000 school staff across the state, was potentially compromised.


Five School Districts affected

February 6, 2018: 

Five school districts were affected in cyberattacks in Connecticut. Avon Public Schools District was hacked with DDoS attacks, which brought down the Internet. Wallingford School District fell victim to spear phishing scheme in which “W-2” forms infected servers with viruses. Milford Public School District reported a ransomware attack that was carried out on its network. Meriden School District experienced DDoS attacks that also brought down its Internet. 


Bloomfield School District

November 6, 2017:

Bloomfield School District had a pro-ISIS recruitment video played on its website for three hours when school desk, the site used to host their website, was hacked. The page was taken down at 6:00 a.m. and was restored by 7:00 a.m. 


West Milford School District

May 3, 2017:

West Milford School District was affected by a phishing scam in which Gmail/school emails were compromised and employee & student contact information was accessed, but no private data was compromised.


City of Newark

April 25, 2017:

The City of Newark’s computer system had been disabled by hackers demanding $30,000 in bitcoin ransom payment. “The virus compromised our network and disrupted many services that we offer,” said the Chief Information Officer for the City of Newark.